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rain and random
The rain poored down outside, a bored sigh excaped a winged blacked faced German Rex cat.
Random didnt want to bge stuck indoors, he was always getting yelled at from his human, Hothead,
and  Icy for eather chewing on the cords on the TV, or nocking over something on the top shelfs.
Atleast outside he could run around and be as crazy as he wanted without worry.
But this rain got in the way and all three of them had to stay inside, granted he would rather be dry than
wet, but he had done everything there was to do allready...excpt scare hotheat out of his fur
grinning like an ideot Random jumped down from the window to find the scruffy German rex, hopefuly
he would be in a scaring mood. He spotted him laying by the fire that was going in the house hold fire place,
Icy was sleeping on the arm chair, perfict for him. Random snuck up as close as he could and then pounced on hothead
Who to his delight Jumped nearly three feet in the air and he even manged to startle  Icy
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you'll be allright
Run run run.
That was all going threw the quick light blue Savanna cats mind at the moment. was to run from shockwave, who had some how gotten out of the zoo, but at the moment he jest wanted to get away to live another day. and to think that this had all started jest like a normal day, Bumblebee had talked him into a race, yet agen he won much to the little ragamuffens desspare, then went to find Skywarp. After that the day went by normaly.
He was breathing heard, his chest heving with each breath and his legs were starting to get sore but he kept running, he didnt bother looking back, if he did though he would see that he was acctuly not being fallowed. No infact Shockwave haddent gotten to chase Blurr at all. Due to the fact that a normaly cowerdly winged cat had found that he was more affred of lossing one of the few cats that didnt treat him baddly more than getting hurt himself, ofcorse he was no match for the much stronger wild cat. The fight haddent even lasted ten minuets and
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TFA: Petformers Drabbles
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformer characters. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Based on Petformers by peanutchan. This has been sitting on my computer for some time, and I’ve been debating whether or not to post it. Anyway, since Petformers is such a great cracktastic idea anyway, I decided to have some males go through heat and be capable of having babies. Don’t like, then don’t read. May or may not have sequels in the future. There are other pairings I’m curious about.
Title: Backyard Shenanigans
Pairing: Lockdown/Prowl; slight Longarm/Bumblebee
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)
Warnings: slash
Summary: (AU) Chaos seems to follow Prowl no matter where he is.
Prowl watched as Bumblebee, now five months old, darted across the yard, swatting at Ratchet’s tail, causing the older cat to hiss and run behind Bulkhead. Optimus laughed and grabbed the scruff of Bumblebee’s neck with his mouth, carrying the black and yellow cat toward the back door, ducking in th
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